12 November 2014

WIP it up Wednesday time - Sharing Silver

Where does the time go? Been over a month since I last participated, but that's because I've been busy writing my first ever menage - sooo much fun! Better yet, I finished it, oh, about twenty minutes ago! Hardly gets more current than that, right?

The story is part of a box set, due to be released at the end of December. Everything else is a secret... well, apart from this excerpt. Hope you enjoy it and check back soon for more!

"Good girl. Now do as you were told and go sit on Travis's lap."
Still in a state of incredulous shock, Silver scrambled to obey. She couldn't remember the last time her mind and body had been in such turmoil. Any minute now I'll wake up and find myself safe and sound in my own bed. This can't really be happening. But it was happening, she realised, as she felt Travis's arms go around her, pulling her back against his broad chest. Her bottom tingled warmly in his lap, and she was suddenly acutely aware of the insistent throbbing at the apex of her thighs.
Trevor took hold of her ankles and tugged her legs apart. "Let's inspect our purchase, shall we?"
I am going to spend the next two day and nights with a bright red face, Silver thought, feeling the blush return yet again to her cheeks. I should have called myself Scarlett...
Travis swept her curtain of hair over one shoulder, and nuzzled her neck. Silver closed her eyes in pleasure, and shivered as she felt his teeth nipping gently at her skin.
"What a pretty, plump little cunt you have," Trevor said, leaning forward and sliding a fingertip around her nether lips. "I bet it's nice and tight."
As he began to trace feather-light circles over her clit, Silver shuddered at the sudden bolt of lust which shot through her belly.
"Rule number one," Trevor went on, still stroking her, his other hand sliding up and down her thigh, "you do not ever cum without our permission. You will always ask, and even then we may decide not to let you."
If he doesn't stop doing that, I'll be breaking rule number one in about ten seconds' time, Silver thought helplessly.
"Did you hear me, Silver girl?" Trevor's voice sounded more like a growl.
"Yes, Sir," she said breathlessly.
"Good." He caught Travis's eye. "Shall we see just how maso she is?"
"Why not?"
Trevor's finger left her clit, then, and without warning, slid all the way up inside her pussy.
Silver arched her back and moaned.
"She's fucking tight. And wet," Trev told his brother.
"Shall we see whether we can make her gush?" Travis said, his hands sliding to cup Silver's breasts. "These are just gorgeous. Perfect size for my hands, and I don't think I've ever seen such pale pink nipples." With that, he began to roll them between his fingers.
Trevor watched her face carefully, his finger still resting inside her. "Up a notch," he said gruffly.
Trav increased the pressure on her taut buds then, twisting them firmly.
Silver cried out, and clutched Trav's thighs. She could feel his impressive hard-on through his suit trousers.
"Yum. Harder," Trevor ordered.
"With pleasure," Travis replied, and pinched, twisted and pulled Silver's nipples until she screeched with the pain of it.
"Yep, definitely felt a gush then," Trevor said, and began to slide his finger in and out of her, slowly and deliberately. "Looks like our little Silver girl wasn't lying about getting off on pain."
He added a second finger to the first, finger-fucking her expertly, his other hand moving back to caress her clit.
Silver bucked and writhed; lost in the sensory overload of having one man manipulate her pussy with such precision, while another stroked her breasts and nibbled the back of her neck.
"Please," she gasped, as Trevor began to move his fingers faster, "Please may I cum, Sir?"
"Already?" Trev said, in mock surprise. "We've hardly even started yet."
"Please..." His fingers were ruthless, keeping her relentlessly on the edge of orgasm.
"What do you think? Should we let her?" he asked Travis.
"Oh God, please, please..."
"She sounds just as adorable as I imagined, begging in that accent," Trevor said. "And she's so very, very close... I can feel it..."
"Please Sir, I'll do anything..." she begged.
"Anything? I know you will, sweetheart. Because we intend to make you," Travis murmured in her ear, his hot breath stirring her hair.


  1. Give a girl some warning will you Tabitha! That was hot! Holy smokes! :-)

    1. Teehee, sorry. Not. *giggles* Thanks Meredith, so glad you liked it. :)

  2. OMG, scorching. Two men who both know their stuff - wonderful fantasy. Loved this snippet

  3. Welcome back, Tabitha. ☺
    More please! I need to know more about this accent of hers. And definitely more about Travis and Trevor. I love menage and it seems as though Silver does too. Please, oh please do come back next week with more of this.

    1. Ugh... I know, right? Menage is AWESOME, this was my first time writing one and it was so much fun. Whew! I'll try and post some more next week, though of course I don't want to give too much away... this book is due to be released at around Xmas. :) Thanks, Melody.