28 January 2016

And another nomination!

I just found out that Sharing Silver has been nominated in the 'Spanking Romance Reviews' competition for best book of 2015 - in the menage category!

It's been almost 11 years since I had my first book published, and I've never been nominated for anything before, and now I have TWO in the one month! *squee* So to whomever nominated me, thank you so much!

Loads of fantastic books by some of my favourite authors have also been nominated in the various categories, so please swing on over and cast your vote, if you haven't already. Here's the link (beneath the spiffy logo)...

Thank you for reading,

~ Tabby x

21 January 2016

Woohoo! A Birthday Without Spanks!

So as many of you know, my partner is not just my man, he's also my Dom... and my Daddy. And when it's his babygirl's birthday, he goes all out. 

I got woken up with a coffee (YES I'm still allowed it because he prefers me caffeinated - the alternative is unbearable) and then he took me into the lounge, in which I hadn't been allowed since the previous afternoon. And this was waiting for me:

Yes, that's a giant FLUFFY cuddly tiger, and a 'baby girl' banner... and there were balloons, too, and streamers and sweeties and and and... I jumped up and down with excitement. I got thoroughly spoiled and then we went to my Mum's house where I got even MORE spoiled... but as an adult. *snicker*

And the whole time, I was dreading the infamous Birthday Spanking, only to discover...


... I wasn't getting one! It's not a 'thing' in Germany, where I live now. Yay! So I got all of the treats and none of the spanks. Just as well. I'm getting too old now anyway... there IS a thing as too many swats, right?

Hope everyone's having a great week.

~ Tabby x

18 January 2016

Too many works in progress?

Unless I'm being told to take my panties down (or do housework), I have real trouble telling people 'no'. I don't like doing it... it makes me feel bad. 

Which is why I now have no less than EIGHT books in progress. Yup, that's right, eight. I keep being asked to write books for an anthology or a series, to which I cannot say no, and then of course I have my own ideas, and now, seeing as it's been a year since my last book was published *hangs head* I've ended up with eight current #wips.

But... this was me all last year:

Actually, I went to around twelve different countries in 2015, and between that and meeting the man of my dreams and working full time in my 'day job', my writing unfortunately took a backseat.

But no more! Sir is going to help me make sure I write every single day (and he has some *very* persuasive tools, ahem) and it is my intention to get five books out this year. I may not make five, but one is already scheduled, and yeah... fingers crossed.

Now my only problem is: which one do I finish first? The sexy first book in what will hopefully become a hot contemporary BDSM series? The dark, dark non-con? The historical age-play with a twist? The wild Western? Decisions decisions... answers on a postcard, please!

~ Tabby x

11 January 2016

Sharing Silver has been nominated for a Golden Flogger award!

Well hello there everyone - and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I wanted to make the first post of 2016 an amazingly happy one and what better way to do that than to confirm that Sharing Silver has been nominated for a Golden Flogger award - best book of the year 2015 - in the 'menage' category.

I received a nifty logo to brag with:

and I can't even describe how excited I am. So to whomever nominated me: THANK YOU!

I've done a little interview with BDSM Writers Con and will no doubt post it here on my own blog shortly, but in the meantime I just wanted to share the happy news and wish everyone all health, happiness and lots of spanks in 2016.

~ Tabby x