19 November 2014

WIP it up Wednesday - Sharing Silver Part 2

Yikes, it's Wednesday again already?! Last week I shared a snippet from a scene where the handsome twins were testing their Silver for the first time. This week I've gone backwards... this is shortly before the auction, where Trevor discovers that Silver is actually going to be up for sale that very night. 

This will be my last excerpt from this book, as it's finished and I really don't want to give too much away. If you enjoy it, please be on the look out for the boxed set sometime in late December. It's truly a great deal, with myself and four AMAZINGLY talented, best-selling authors all taking part. :D

"What's your poison?" Trev moved aside once they had reached the bar, allowing her to speak directly to the bartender.
"Wait," the girl said, "hold your arm under this."
"What's that?" Silver asked, as a scanner was run over her wrist.
"She's checking to make sure you haven't had any drinks yet today. Can't have you taking leave of your senses." Reaching out, he took a lock of her hair and twirled it casually. "Very pretty."
"Thank you. Um. Can I have a glass of red, please? Merlot? Or maybe a Pinot if you have it?" Silver stammered to the girl behind the bar, trying to ignore the little jolts of electricity his touch was shooting directly to her scalp.
"Which do you prefer? We have both."
"Pinot, please."
The glass, when it arrived, was disappointingly small. "That's it?"
"You shoulda ordered something stronger," he said with a grin.
"A Long Island iced tea. Lots of bang for your buck there, in every sense of the word."
"This is fine, thank you." Silver let the girl stamp her arm and took a deep, grateful swallow, wondering how the hell she was meant to get through the evening sober.
"Well they wouldn't want you barfing up on stage," Trev said, as though he could read her mind.
She chuckled. "Barfing. So American."
"Why? What do you call it?"
"We have lots of words for it, but barfing isn't one of them. Puking is probably one of the most common expressions." Well isn't this a sexy conversation, she thought ruefully. It was a moment before she realised that he was staring at her. "What?"
"You have such an adorable accent," he said slowly, "I was just wondering what you sound like when you're begging to be allowed to come."
Silver nearly dropped her precious wine. Breathe. Fucking breathe!
"Do you have a name?"
"Pretty. Like your hair," he mused, once again reaching out to gently tug one of the strands closest to her breast.
"And you?" she croaked, desperately trying to regain some self-control. "I never caught your name."
"You can call me whatever you like, baby. Trevor, Sir, Master, Daddy," he shrugged. "Shoot, you could probably call me Dickwad and it would sound hot in that accent."
"Shall we try it?"
"Feel free." His eyes narrowed suddenly and her heart dropped into her stomach. "But there would be consequences if you did."
He's like a predator, she decided, and I'm the prey. This is how a zebra feels when it realises a lion has just spotted it. Only I very much doubt that the zebra would be creaming itself at the same time. "Consequences?" She was careful to keep her voice as casual as possible, desperate not to bely her arousal.
He gestured around him. "We're in a BDSM club, sweetheart. You're a little subbie girl, I'm a sadist and a Dominant. What do you think the consequences would be if you insulted me?"
She forced herself to focus on the drink in her hand rather than the pulse beating directly between her thighs. "A spanking, I suppose," she muttered.
"Wrong." He chuckled before leaning in to whisper, his breath warming her ear. "Only good girls get spanked."

Medieval Maidens - OUT NOW!

We all have our heroes - people we admire, people we look up to, people we'd like to be. 

So when I was asked to participate in a project with not one, but TWO of my own personal heroines, the legendary Carolyn Faulkner and the prolific, bubbly Breanna Hayse, of course I leapt at the chance.

The result is Medieval Maidens, a boxed set of FIVE full-length erotic novels set in that romantic, mysterious period of history where ladies were fair and heroes were dashing. 

Only on sale as a box set until 15th January 2015, make sure you get your copy today - an absolute bargain at under $10 for FIVE books - on Amazon or Blushing Books.

In one set, you get the following:

The Lord's Right by Carolyn Faulkner
King Dom Comes by Breanna Hayse
Lady Templar by Alta Hensley
His Two Wives by Marian Blake
Conquering Cassia by yours truly

If you like damsels in distress, tough heroines trying to make it in a man's world, strong, handsome knights and Lords and the usual bare-bottomed spanking, this set is for you!

12 November 2014

WIP it up Wednesday time - Sharing Silver

Where does the time go? Been over a month since I last participated, but that's because I've been busy writing my first ever menage - sooo much fun! Better yet, I finished it, oh, about twenty minutes ago! Hardly gets more current than that, right?

The story is part of a box set, due to be released at the end of December. Everything else is a secret... well, apart from this excerpt. Hope you enjoy it and check back soon for more!

"Good girl. Now do as you were told and go sit on Travis's lap."
Still in a state of incredulous shock, Silver scrambled to obey. She couldn't remember the last time her mind and body had been in such turmoil. Any minute now I'll wake up and find myself safe and sound in my own bed. This can't really be happening. But it was happening, she realised, as she felt Travis's arms go around her, pulling her back against his broad chest. Her bottom tingled warmly in his lap, and she was suddenly acutely aware of the insistent throbbing at the apex of her thighs.
Trevor took hold of her ankles and tugged her legs apart. "Let's inspect our purchase, shall we?"
I am going to spend the next two day and nights with a bright red face, Silver thought, feeling the blush return yet again to her cheeks. I should have called myself Scarlett...
Travis swept her curtain of hair over one shoulder, and nuzzled her neck. Silver closed her eyes in pleasure, and shivered as she felt his teeth nipping gently at her skin.
"What a pretty, plump little cunt you have," Trevor said, leaning forward and sliding a fingertip around her nether lips. "I bet it's nice and tight."
As he began to trace feather-light circles over her clit, Silver shuddered at the sudden bolt of lust which shot through her belly.
"Rule number one," Trevor went on, still stroking her, his other hand sliding up and down her thigh, "you do not ever cum without our permission. You will always ask, and even then we may decide not to let you."
If he doesn't stop doing that, I'll be breaking rule number one in about ten seconds' time, Silver thought helplessly.
"Did you hear me, Silver girl?" Trevor's voice sounded more like a growl.
"Yes, Sir," she said breathlessly.
"Good." He caught Travis's eye. "Shall we see just how maso she is?"
"Why not?"
Trevor's finger left her clit, then, and without warning, slid all the way up inside her pussy.
Silver arched her back and moaned.
"She's fucking tight. And wet," Trev told his brother.
"Shall we see whether we can make her gush?" Travis said, his hands sliding to cup Silver's breasts. "These are just gorgeous. Perfect size for my hands, and I don't think I've ever seen such pale pink nipples." With that, he began to roll them between his fingers.
Trevor watched her face carefully, his finger still resting inside her. "Up a notch," he said gruffly.
Trav increased the pressure on her taut buds then, twisting them firmly.
Silver cried out, and clutched Trav's thighs. She could feel his impressive hard-on through his suit trousers.
"Yum. Harder," Trevor ordered.
"With pleasure," Travis replied, and pinched, twisted and pulled Silver's nipples until she screeched with the pain of it.
"Yep, definitely felt a gush then," Trevor said, and began to slide his finger in and out of her, slowly and deliberately. "Looks like our little Silver girl wasn't lying about getting off on pain."
He added a second finger to the first, finger-fucking her expertly, his other hand moving back to caress her clit.
Silver bucked and writhed; lost in the sensory overload of having one man manipulate her pussy with such precision, while another stroked her breasts and nibbled the back of her neck.
"Please," she gasped, as Trevor began to move his fingers faster, "Please may I cum, Sir?"
"Already?" Trev said, in mock surprise. "We've hardly even started yet."
"Please..." His fingers were ruthless, keeping her relentlessly on the edge of orgasm.
"What do you think? Should we let her?" he asked Travis.
"Oh God, please, please..."
"She sounds just as adorable as I imagined, begging in that accent," Trevor said. "And she's so very, very close... I can feel it..."
"Please Sir, I'll do anything..." she begged.
"Anything? I know you will, sweetheart. Because we intend to make you," Travis murmured in her ear, his hot breath stirring her hair.

1 October 2014

WIP - Conquering Cassia

Woohoo, it's Wednesday again! This week I've decided to share an excerpt from a medieval book I finished writing - yesterday! I think that's close enough to quality for Wip it up Wednesday, surely?

If all goes according to plan, this book will appear in a box set with some AMAZING fellow authors sometime this coming November. In the meantime, here's a teaser...

By the time they had eaten supper, Cassia was dreading another restless night with Anna sleeping at the foot of her bed. So when the Graf asked her whether she would join him for a cup of mulled wine in the study before retiring, she jumped at the chance. Perhaps it would help her sleep.

She sipped the hot, sweet liquid gratefully, enjoying its warmth as it travelled down her throat. It was a moment before she realised that Willhelm was speaking to her. "I'm sorry, I wasn't listening."

 "Naughty girl." His tone was light, playful. "I was simply asking you whether you'd given any more consideration to your reward."

I could think of nothing else all day, she wanted to blurt out. Instead, she smiled shyly. "What of it?"

 "I am willing to grant you your request to sleep alone tonight, provided you answer me one more question. Truthfully."

 Cassia's breath caught in her throat. "Very well."

 "Why do you wish to be alone in your bedchamber?"

 It was the one question she could not bring herself to answer. Pent up desire made her lash out. "Why do you wish to know? Do you intend to visit me there?"

He shot her a warning look, his icy blue eyes narrowed. "Careful."

"You asked for an honest answer, Sir, and I am giving it! I do not see that it is any of your business, since I am a woman grown! Unless, of course, you wish to use me as your own private whore while I am here?"

Willhelm leapt up and grabbed her wrist so fast that he knocked the empty wine cup from her hand. Pulling her to her feet, he spun her around so that she was standing with her back to him.

As one hand still clasped her wrist, and his other slid to her throat, holding it firmly, Cassia felt his breath hot on her ear as he whispered, "Do not think to taunt me, young lady. I know exactly why you wish to be alone at night, and it has nothing to do with me visiting you. I have had cause to chastise you twice, now, and your reactions were evident. I know you enjoy it when I hurt you. I see how soaking wet you become."

Cassia gasped, her chest heaving, weak-kneed with desire for him. And still he continued.

"Your sweet little cunt is dripping right this moment, is it not, Kleines? You wish to be alone purely so you can indulge yourself, so you can find that blissful release as you remember what it felt like to be over my knee, or up against that tree, my birch rising and falling, rising and falling..."

"Please..." Cassia moaned, "please stop, Sir. No more..."

"Admit it!" he said thickly. "Tell me that I'm right and you can have that release right here, right now. Admit it."

"Yes!" She was almost sobbing. "Yes, that is why—"

The hand he had on her throat slid up to her face, turning it to him as his lips came down on her mouth, hard, cutting off her confession...

13 August 2014

WIP - Finding Herself

Soo, this is the first time I'm ever participating in a 'blog hop'; let's hope it works! For this week's 'wip it up Wednesday', I've decided to share an excerpt from one of my current works in progress: working title: 'Finding Herself'...

'Well? Would you live happily ever after with Colin?'

Damn. 'I... I'm not sure. He and I, well, we're different in a lot of ways. He's very sweet, though, and has always been kind to me.'

Reaching out, Leon slowly wrapped her long hair around his fist and drew her face up until she was looking directly into his eyes. 'You need more though, don't you girl?' he growled, his voice reverberating through her very soul. 'You need a strong man who knows what he wants and won't take any crap from you. You need a man who will love you and cherish you, and hurt you, and fuck you like you've never been fucked before.'

Almost instantly, Kimba was once again reduced to a quivering mass of desire as she heard the words she had only ever imagined said to her, late at night, as she feverishly masturbated, alone. 'Yes Sir,' she whispered, her voice thick with lust.

'I thought so.' He let go of her hair and settled back down into his seat, lifting his half-smoked cigarette to his lips and picking up his coffee as if nothing had happened. As if the girl beside him wasn't almost trembling with the sudden need to have him deep inside her until she was screaming.

How does he do it? How can a couple of mere sentences reduce me to such a keening, wanton little slut? she wondered, squeezing her thighs together in an unconscious attempt to regain some semblance of self-control.

'I want to fuck you, Kimba,' he spoke suddenly, calmly. 'I've had a borderline painful hard-on since the instant you walked through the front door – and I prefer to dish pain out, not suffer it. So if you agree to let me share your bed tonight, you have been warned. It's your choice.'

Taking a deep, shuddering breath, Kimba extinguished what was left of her cigarette and drank the last mouthful of coffee before setting down her mug. When she finally answered him, it was with a single word. 'Yes.'

3 July 2014

A Submissive's Dream... Another Maggie Ryan masterpiece!

Just like any other reader of erotica, I have my own personal favourite authors. One of them is Maggie Ryan; creator of the hugely popular 'Women of Wintercrest' and 'Divine Designs' series.

Ms Ryan combines a great understanding for the subject matter, a deep passion for her work and an intimate relationship with her characters (she once told me: "I keep writing series because the characters won't shut up - they always have more to say!") - and the end result is always sublime.

I was lucky enough to be permitted to review her latest release: "A Submissive's Dream, Divine Designs Series Book Two" - and I adored it. So much so, that I simply had to tell you guys to go and read it. Now.

Instead of gushing profusely about how much you'll end up fancying the main characters, how the sexy scenes will have you squirming happily, how sweet and funny the whole book is, I shall let her words speak for themselves. That's right, folks, Maggie has kindly given me permission to share an excerpt with you, so here goes...

            “Hey, look at this,” Logan called from where he had walked through a doorway about two thirds of the way down the length of the room.  She went to him to see what appeared to be an old stone well, a thick wooden slab covering the opening in the well. 
“I bet the original purpose of this building was a well-house,” Logan said.  “People had to dig for their own water back in the day.  If you were lucky, you found fresh water pretty close to the surface.  My great-grandparents had an old farm in Oklahoma.  They had a well like this and it was in a building as well.  Being inside kept wild animals out of the well if they fell in and died, which would contaminate their water supply.”  He grinned as he pulled her into his arms.  “In fact, if I remember correctly, they didn’t call it a well-house; they called it the pouting house.  When my great-grandmother would get mouthy or bratty, PawPaw would send her to the pouting house.  She was supposed to finish her pouting or fit or whatever by the time he joined her.  By the time he was done with reminding her that he didn’t marry a spiteful, mean-spirited woman, she was calm and at peace again.  This is absolutely incredible.” 

     Elizabeth trembled slightly, her mind instantly picturing the scene generations earlier where a woman, such as she, submitted to her husband’s discipline.  Logan felt her trembling and hugged her tighter.

            “Hey, Liebchen, are you okay?” he asked, his hand reaching back to stroke her back.  She snuggled into him and nodded against his chest.

            “I’m fine, just have a very vivid imagination,” she confessed and then giggled.  “I can see your great-granny out here, stomping her foot in her buttoned up boots and arguing when told go out to the pouting house.  I can see her scrawling the word ‘pouty’ on that board.  I can see her climb on that stool, the board around her neck as she waits for him to come tend to her.  I can imagine her being told to bend over the horse so her drawers could be pulled down.”  Logan laughed with her and then moved his hands to cup her bottom.  She moaned and went up on her toes when he gave her cheeks a squeeze.

            “I’m imagining someone far younger,” he said bending to speak into her ear.  “I’m imagining a gorgeous raven haired beauty.   I can see her quite clearly.”  She felt a rush of heat race through her as he nibbled on her earlobe.  Her nipples puckered tightly under her bathing suit, her stomach fluttered with her growing arousal as his fingers stroked across the seat of her shorts.

            “What….what is she doing?” she whispered and moaned as he bent to lick and then nibble at her other earlobe. 
            “Hmmm, let’s see,” he whispered, his hands moving from the back of her shorts to the front.  She felt her knees shake a bit as he slowly unbuttoned her shorts and then pulled the zipper down.  “She was sent to the woodshed so she knows what’s coming.  She is taking off her calico skirt and handing it to her Master,” he said and stepped back a bit.  Elizabeth shuddered again but found herself lowering her shorts, stepping out of them and handing them to him.  “She is taking off her homespun blouse as well.”  Her shirt soon joined her shorts in his hand.  She stood before him in her red tankini swim suit, her nipples hard and evident where they were pressing against the top.  

Want more? You can get your own copy of this full-length novel on Amazon or Blushing Books today! 

17 May 2014

Excerpt: Little Tudor Rose

The second night of our marriage, at bedtime, he once again asked me to disrobe. I obeyed but hesitated for just the slightest moment before doing so. Well, that was enough for him! Once again I found myself across his knee, my bottom bared and soundly slapped until I
was sobbing with contrition. What's more, he made it very clear that he would no longer be lenient—any future disobedience would be 'punished far more severely'.

Then he lifted me off his lap, stripped my shift from my body, dropped me on the bed, and took me swiftly, without thought or care for my well-being. At last his finger found my clitty, but after just a brief flick, he growled that 'disobedient little girls do not deserve release', and so once he was spent and went to sleep, I tossed and turned, almost frantic with need... until it occurred to me that I, too, have hands! Surely if he could cause such sensations between my thighs, I would be able to do the same!

And so my fingers wandered to that secret place and found a hard little button, just aching to be touched. I stroked it carefully, trying to remain as silent as I could, and the pleasure grew stronger and stronger until my toes were tingling and I could feel that odd pressure building...

26 April 2014

Do your research!

If you're going to complain about a plot element in a review - and that element has something to do with the historical setting in the book - for goodness' sakes, do some research on it first!

Because chances are, the author most certainly did.

Case in point: my latest book is set in 1557. And I spent almost as much time researching that time period as I did writing the book!
Here's what one reviewer had to say (amongst other things):

"My problems with this book are, 1 in the 1500s Rose would have been married by the time she was 18 she most likely would have been wed at 14, as a daughter of good family she would've been engaged since birth."

That is simply NOT TRUE. Whilst royal princes and princesses were often betrothed in infancy to secure alliances, the average marrying age of most women in this period was in fact far higher than one might expect - many didn't actually wed until their mid to late twenties.

Furthermore, betrothal agreements between noble families also didn't happen until the individuals involved were of a marrying age. There was an extremely high infant (and child) mortality rate back in those days, it wouldn't have made sense to make wedding plans until it was clear that your son or daughter would actually reach adulthood.

Cases in point: the daughters of Sir Thomas Moore, close friend and advisor of King Henry VIII, as well as both the daughters and nieces of the Boleyns, to name but a few.

Not my usual blog topic but I just had to get this off my chest because it really irks me when thorough research is ignored and even criticised for the sake of a completely uneducated opinion.

25 April 2014

Good Intentions...

I am usually full of them, but when it comes to actually fulfilling my good intentions... well, sometimes I just deserve a sound spanking for procrastination.

So, I have decided to make two of those intentions public, in the hopes that someone will hold me accountable if I do not follow through.

Are you ready?

1. I intend to update this blog at least three times a week, ideally five.


2. I intend to finish my rewrite of 'Summer Camp' by 9th May.

We shall see, people, we shall see. And yes, I will probably end up holding myself accountable.

24 April 2014

Presenting "Little Tudor Rose"!

Apologies for my absence; I've had my family staying from overseas and been too busy getting out and about with them to do much updating. However, in the meantime, my latest novella has finally been released on Amazon, Blushing Books and Barnes & Noble.

Little Tudor Rose

I am extremely proud that it's been doing quite well so far, it's even made it into the top 30 on Amazon in the medieval category!

To read the free sample, or better yet, to get your copy, please go to any of the sites listed above. Happy, hot reading!

17 March 2014

Coffee, Tea and Me Interview

I was recently given the honour of being interviewed by the great Patty Devlin, author of such fantastic books as Mail Order Switch and Lovely Little Liar.

She asked me some brilliant questions about my books, the writing process and, of course, my personal spanking experiences. You can see the interview on her blog!

In other news, I've almost finished my latest novella, "Little Tudor Rose", and am already trying to decide which sizzling story to tell next...

21 January 2014

Here's to 2014!

I've been somewhat absent over the 'silly season' - like many women, there was suddenly so much to do and so little time in which to do it!

However, now things have settled back down, I'm back! Full of new fire, new energy and working on a new book - hopefully the first of a number of titles I want to get written and published this coming year.

I'm also proud to announce that my latest novella, Educating Eva, is now available for purchase at Amazon, Blushing Books and Barnes & Noble.

Educating Eva Book Cover

If you like edgy, historical corporal punishment, humiliating examinations and more, you'll enjoy part one of this new series, so please get your copy today!