21 January 2016

Woohoo! A Birthday Without Spanks!

So as many of you know, my partner is not just my man, he's also my Dom... and my Daddy. And when it's his babygirl's birthday, he goes all out. 

I got woken up with a coffee (YES I'm still allowed it because he prefers me caffeinated - the alternative is unbearable) and then he took me into the lounge, in which I hadn't been allowed since the previous afternoon. And this was waiting for me:

Yes, that's a giant FLUFFY cuddly tiger, and a 'baby girl' banner... and there were balloons, too, and streamers and sweeties and and and... I jumped up and down with excitement. I got thoroughly spoiled and then we went to my Mum's house where I got even MORE spoiled... but as an adult. *snicker*

And the whole time, I was dreading the infamous Birthday Spanking, only to discover...


... I wasn't getting one! It's not a 'thing' in Germany, where I live now. Yay! So I got all of the treats and none of the spanks. Just as well. I'm getting too old now anyway... there IS a thing as too many swats, right?

Hope everyone's having a great week.

~ Tabby x


  1. In Germany they don't do spankings, i believe it's something else, where one person picks you up by the feet/legs and the other person holds you by the arms and hands. And for every year they swing you up and down, without you touching the ground....but when being held like that you can't do anything to stop it.

    I've also seen one incident where two friends of a girl I know she was being held like that and she was face down, ass up so a third person took a belt to her butt for her birthday spankings.


  2. Oh my word I had completely forgotten that - in England we used to call it 'the bumps'! Now there's a trip down memory lane, thank you for that!
    Getting the bumps stopped once you got older though; adults are harder to throw through the air. And there was never a belt involved - or any kind of spanking, for that matter - in my recollection.
    Thanks so much for commenting!