12 June 2016

Delighted and proud to announce...

... that my latest, super secret project is no longer a secret! 

I was humbled and delighted to be asked to participate in a box set to honor military heroes, especially when I heard who else would be taking part. Amazingly talented and hugely successful authors in the erotica genre; some of whom I could already call my friends, and others with whom it has since been a privilege to work - and to get to know. Check out the cover!

I will be adding more details, blurbs and so on here over the next few days, but here's the most important thing: the entire set, over 400,000 words of hot military stories in a variety of genres, from dark and edgy  to sweetly romantic, a menage, lots of BDSM and spanking, and as much action as you'd expect in a book all about action heroes - for the amazing price of...

99 cents! Yep, for less than a dollar, this set can be yours. 

Having read the entire set, I can say that this is probably the best value for money you'll ever see in the genre and it's well worth the over $40 value it should be retailing for!

You can pre-order your copy today using any of these links:

I will be posting the individual blurbs for each author over the next few days; and to kick things off, here's my contribution. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy today!


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