8 July 2016

A Cuppa with Dinah McLeod

It has been far too long since I was able to interview a fellow author on this little blog of mine, but I was delighted to get a chance to sit down with my long term friend and wonderful spanking writer Dinah McLeod recently to discuss her latest release: "Mastered By The Millionaire".

I’m not going to waste any more time introducing her, I’ll get started on the questions right away...

What’s your preference in fiction… domestic discipline or erotic spanking? Why?

I like a good mixture of both! I love the idea of a man being the head of the household, the idea of being accountable to someone and the notion that once punished, all is forgiven.

However, that said, there is NOTHING better than a good erotic spanking! 

Do you see a difference between spanking fiction and BDSM? What is it?

Yes, I believe the difference is that in BDSM there is a lot more of power exchange elements between the characters.

Did you read spanking fiction before you started writing it?

Absolutely! My first stories were the Choices series by author Patty Devlin. After her books, I gobbled up as many as I could find by many different authors!

Tell us about your current release; Mastered by the Millionaire...

This is the story of Geoffrey and Nicole. When they fall in love through a whirlwind courtship, Nicole never expects anything but a fairytale life with her Prince Charming. However, a particularly long engagement shows her that she doesn’t know Geoff quite as well as thought. Deciding to call things off prompts Geoffrey to open up to Nicole and show her his dominant side, which is exactly the thing that has been missing in their relationship.

(Tabby's note: Check out the cover, isn't it gorgeous?)

Who was the first person you told that you were writing spanking fiction? What was his/her reaction?

My sister. She was not surprised as she knew I’ve wanted to be a writer practically since birth and that I love spanking! Seemed the natural route to go!

Are you currently or have you ever been in a spanking relationship? Do you use real life experiences in your books?

I absolutely do!

Spanking is a hot topic that pushes people’s buttons. They either like it or they don’t. What do you think makes it hot, both positive and negative?

Again, it all goes back to the power exchange element. It’s hot to have a man tell you where he wants you and take control. I get hot just talking about it! Whew! I think in this day of feminism we’re told we have to like being in control ourselves in every aspect of our lives. But I don’t think that describes every woman, either.
How do you think the Internet and the surge of spanking-related erotica is helping men and women who pre-Internet were confused or ashamed by their unusual desires?

It shows you that you’re not alone. That your desires are not unnatural or strange. 

*Tabitha leans in close to whisper in Dinah’s ear.* Just between us, can you tell me what you are working on right now?

Well, since it’s YOU, of course I’m happy to share! I’m working on the third book in my Western series, Swift Justice. Finally, I’m telling Libby’s story and I have to say, I’m having the time of my life with it!

Dinah, that sounds amazing. Thank you so much for giving such great interview! 

Mastered By The Millionaire is available for purchase on Amazon. If you still need a little convincing, Dinah was kind enough to provide us with an excerpt of this hot story. No-one combines realism, humour and sexy as well as this author.

Big hugs,

~ Tabby x


“Rule one: the undersigned, hereby referred to as ‘the submissive’, will always refer to the dominant as ‘Sir, Master, or Master Geoffrey.’”
Wait, what? I craned my neck back to peer at him, trying to see if his lips had bloomed fully into a smile. To my shock and disbelief, the beginnings of the smile I’d seen had vanished completely and he was looking back at me as calm and collected as he could be.
“Do you understand what I just read, Nicole?”
I understood the words, I even understood the meaning behind them, what I didn’t understand was why he wanted me to agree to them. “I…I think so.”
“You think so?” he prompted, a note of impatience creeping into his voice.
“I, um…I just…”
“Do you agree, or not?”
“Is this, like, a Fifty Shades thing?”
Geoffrey’s brow wrinkled. “I’m sorry, a what?”
“You know. Fifty Shades.”
He shook his head, looking as mystified as if I’d started speaking Greek.
Fifty Shades of Gray. That BDSM-fetish book?”
Surprise warred with the confusion on his face. “Are you telling me that you read such a book, young lady?”
Why did that sexy, no-nonsense tone send a thrill right to the throbbing sex between my legs? And why, for that matter, did being called ‘young lady’ feel so naughty and delicious all at once? Who was this man, and what the hell was he doing to me?
“I didn’t read the book, but I heard about it. Hell, everyone with an iPhone or a laptop has heard of it.”
Geoffrey scowled at me. “Rule number two: the submissive is to display appropriate behavior at all times, which is includes no swearing.”
This time, I couldn’t help it. The giggles escaped my parted lips. Since when was hell a swear word? Since when did he care?
His brow knitted together even more severely. “Rule number three: the submissive is expected to show the Dominant respect at all times.”
That one was more sobering. What was he saying? Did he think I wasn’t respectful? It shouldn’t have bothered me what he thought, and yet, it very much did. It hadn’t even been two hours since I’d told him we weren’t going to be a couple anymore, and I now found myself on the receiving end of more attention than I typically got in a week. My mind might know that breaking up was the right thing to do, but that message hadn’t made it to my heart yet.
“Number four: the submissive shall always defer to the Dominant in matters concerning her health and well-being.” He paused, perhaps waiting to see if I had anything to say, but my lips were pressed tightly against each other. “Five: The submissive will always answer questions truthfully. Failure to follow any of these rules as set out by the Dominant and agreed upon by the submissive will result in immediate punishment.”
“P-punishment?” I echoed before I could stop myself.
Geoffrey nodded briskly. “Punishment can include, but is not limited to, spanking, whipping, flogging, caning, birching, physical restraint, forced orgasms, anal punishment, corner time and mouth-soaping as the Dominant feels it’s appropriate.”
My mind whirled, and suddenly I felt waves of heat washing over my entire body. His eyes felt hot on my skin, so I turned my face away, lying my cheek once more on the cool sheet. Caning? Corner time? Forced orgasms? And what the hell was mouth-soaping? Not what it sounded like, surely. No one would ever agree to that.

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  1. This looks really hot Dinah! I'll have to go get a copy. Great interview girls :)