15 August 2013

Exciting Update - Pebblesville

The two age-play books I wrote 7 years ago, set in the fictional community of  Pebblesville, have easily been my best-selling novellas so far.

In 2005 when they were first written and published on Bethany's Woodshed, there was no review option for readers, so I had no feedback other than the number of total sales.

Now, of course, things have changed.

I am, therefore, really excited to announce that both books have been edited, combined into one long novella and are due for imminent re-release, both on Blushing Books and on Amazon.

The title has been changed to 'Abbeyville' and I have gone through the entire book with all the comments I received in mind, making several changes where I (and/or the readers) felt they were necessary.

So... if you've already purchased the 'Pebblesville' books, you can look forward to receiving an updated re-release on the house - Blushing Books are just awesome like that. And if you haven't already got a copy, watch this space for links to the new, revised addition!


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