16 August 2013

Thuddy vs Stingy - What's your preference?

I wasn't ever spanked as a child. I was a very, very good girl for one, and besides, my parents were really rather liberal. I think I received one open-handed slap on my thigh when I was about 10 but I digress...

It wasn't until I was 26 that I received my first taste of corporal punishment. Up until then, I had certain ideas of what various implements must feel like and based my fantasies around those conceptions.

When reading spanking stories or watching videos, I therefore had definite preferences. I loved reading about paddling, hairbrush spankings, birching and strapping. Wasn't a huge fan of the cane, though I can't really explain why. And as for floggers... not at all interested.

Over the past seven years, I have had the pleasure of countless spankings from a variety of people and I got to experience pretty much all of my 'fantasy' implements (as well as some new ones, but that's for another post).

Not one of them felt like they had in my imagination. I had always assumed that wooden paddles or thick hairbrushes, being heavy, would be all thud and no sting. Oh boy, was I wrong! The birch, having played such an enormous role in so many of my fantasies, was an incredible disappointment. It has to be one of the whippiest, stingiest implements out there! Yowch!

But the flogger... oh happy days! The heavier the better and there is nothing more certain to get me into a happy place than the repeated application of a big fat flogger to my bottom.

I have mixed feelings about the cane - again, that's material for another post.

So my question is this, dear readers, what's your preference? Do you like whippy, stingy pain or do you prefer those heavy, bruising thuddy blows which seem to make your whole body vibrate?

Do you have a favourite implement and if yes, was it the one you always thought you'd like, or not?

Please feel free to comment and share your views!

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