25 March 2015

WIP IT UP Wednesday... "Initiation: Nox Oasis Book 1"

I can hardly believe it's Wednesday again already, but there you are! I received such a brilliant response to last week's #wipitup snippet, thank you to the lovely people who commented. I do like comments! 
For this week, I've decided to share one more excerpt from my current wip, tentatively titled, "Initiation". I know it would be far kinder of me to post excerpts in order, so you guys can see what happens next, but I'd rather keep the surprise element intact and not give too much away. So with that in mind, here's another random snippet...

"In there," he said, pointing to a small pathway veering off to the right.
In her tight, lacy camisole top, even tighter miniskirt and sky-high heels showing off endless, tanned legs, Chloe exuded sex from every pore. Throwing him a seductive, lingering glance over her shoulder, she paused. "That way?"
He gave a curt nod and waited for her to keep walking.
"Oh," she exclaimed a moment later. "How exciting! Stocks!"
"It's a pillory, actually," Dain heard himself saying. "Stocks are usually for the feet. Pillory is for the hands and neck."
Chloe shrugged. "Same difference." She tilted her head to one side with a coy smile. "So… we're here. What was it you wanted to have a little chat with me about?"
"This." He pulled a piece of paper from his pocket.
"What's that?"
"It's a note, from Sir Simeon. He tells me you seem to have a problem with getting to work on time."
Infuriatingly, she giggled. "Is that so?"
Dain didn't smile back. "It is. So what's your excuse? It can't be the traffic."
"No, I suppose living and working in the same place do have some drawbacks."
He narrowed his eyes, deliberately and coolly holding her gaze until the amusement vanished from her exquisite features.
"Am I in trouble?"
"You could say that."
"I-I thought Sir Simeon would be…"
Dain raised a single eyebrow, still regarding her with contemplative detachment. It was working, she was growing more unsettled by the second. "You thought Sir Simeon would what?"
Chloe dropped her gaze to the rich green grass. "I thought he'd be the one… the one dealing with… this sort of thing," she finished, lamely.
He shrugged. "Well, he isn't. Is that a problem?"
She shook her head, her golden ponytail swishing against the nape of her slender neck.
"What did you think I wanted to have a chat with you about?" He couldn't resist asking.
An adorable flush spread up across her cheeks at that, and Dain had to bite back a smile. Still, he waited for her reply.
"I-I don't know," she muttered eventually. "Not… this."
Interesting. The glamour puss likes to pretend to be far more worldly and unfazed by everything than she really is. With a completely steady hand, he unfolded the note and scanned it briefly before putting it back in his pocket. He was careful to keep his tone stern.
"Chloe, you have been late for work no less than four times in less than a fortnight. That is unacceptable. Sir Simeon is not impressed, and has asked me to deal with you as I see fit, as per your signed agreement when you commenced employment here. Do you consent to my punishing you?"
She hesitated.
Dain was in no hurry. It had been too long since he'd been able to indulge himself in this way. He waited, savouring the torrent of emotions as they flitted across her face; panic, lust, curiosity, uncertainty—even a little tiny bit of fear. Good. Fear was good.
Her answer, when it finally came, was a tremulous whisper. "Yes."
"Yes, what?"
Her dark blue eyes swivelled back up to meet his for a brief moment before once more settling on the ground. "Yes, Sir."
"Good girl. Not a complete novice, then." Then, lowering his voice, "Take off your clothes."
"I—what?" Her eyes were so wide her long lashes touched her brows.
"You heard me. Everything but the heels. I want you completely naked."
She looked around, her hands instinctively fluttering to her breast and sex, even though she was still fully dressed.

And now, if you haven't already, I highly recommend you check out the undoubtedly great excerpts from the lovely authors in the links below! Go on... you know you want to! 


  1. Oh goodness, does the girl know what she's getting into with a pillory?
    I think she's going to regret being so cocky once she's encased in that device. ~giggles~ and she's going to deserve it too. ☺

    1. LOL you bet she deserves it. It could have been easy for her but alas... someone got cocky. So glad you enjoyed it! :)

  2. Good lord! this is amazing.. your writing is always so clear, yet so evocative and paints a vivid picture. Great snippet!

    1. Naws *blushes* thank You, You're too kind. <3

  3. I love this! Then again, anything with a pillory has my attention. :) Hot scene with good tension. ~Livia

    1. Thank you Livia! And I agree... there's something pretty sexy about a pillory. Woot!

  4. hehe, I love jumping around too, Tabitha :). This WIP seems pretty promising. I'd love to read more. It seems a fun mixture to me of titles within a contemporary setting; I love that balance.

    1. Glad to know I'm not the only one! Thank you. Not sure what you mean by 'mix of titles' though - this is one book, not an anthology. I just decided to do it a little differently and weave in more than one storyline this time. More opportunities for fun!

  5. Ooh ... "Now" is not a good sign for her ... but it is for us! Delicious :)

    1. I know, right? When a hot guy says 'Now' in *that* tone of voice... yummo! Thank you :)

  6. Ooo my, now, please yes, more. Nothing like an unexpected punishment and a pillory.

    1. Isn't that one of the best things a reader can say to an author? "More, please?" Thank you.

  7. Love the build up and his enjoyment!

    1. Thank you. It's fun trying to balance building enough chemistry/tension without dragging it on too much, isn't it?

  8. She isn't as brave as she lets on. Poor thing. :)

    1. No, but she's still going to be taken down a peg.:)

  9. I totally want some more of this story! It sounds like its going to be fantastic!