13 August 2016

Restraint - His Empire Book One

Today is a huge day for me, as it's release day for Restraint, the first book in my new BDSM series 'His Empire'. 

Having spent several years in the kinky scene where I used to live, I was lucky enough to meet some amazing people and to explore a variety of different scenarios. Inspiration, as they say, is everywhere.

But one downside to most BDSM clubs is the time-frame. Parties generally run for a few hours at most, barely enough time to catch up with friends AND play AND practice proper aftercare, especially if you want to watch other people's sessions, as well. Not to mention the fact that you're either forced to drive to a (usually distant) location wearing your leathers or corset or tiny skirt and fishnets, or you have to bring everything with you and change when you arrive. 

I was thinking about this one day, as you do, and the idea for Nox Oasis was born. A luxury resort set on a private island, where guests can stay - and play - for as long as they desire. A kinky theme park which is open to everyone, no matter their budget. A lavish hotel and several separate areas catering to all kinds of play... medical, age-play, spanking, and more. 

Not to mention a 'ghost train' which takes the rider through the depraved mind of the legendary Marquis de Sade. 

And, of course, someone had to build it. 

Restraint follows the grand opening of Nox Oasis, with particular emphasis on its very first guests, including longtime friends of Sir Simeon, as well as his godson, Dain, and new, wide-eyed receptionist Hazel. 

If you enjoy contemporary BDSM stories with lots of humour, hot sex, realistic sessions and, of course, love, you won't want to miss this. Available from today on Amazon only - free on Kindle Unlimited, or at a special sales price of just $2.99 for the weekend (price will revert to $4.99 on Monday, 15th August). I can only hope you enjoy reading this one as much as I enjoyed writing it! 

All best, 

 ~ Tabby x


  1. Bought this book and absolutely loved, loved, loved it! The scenes with be part of my fantasies for some time to come. Can't wait to read the next in the series!

  2. I'm so glad to hear that! Thank you for taking the time to let me know... I always appreciate any and all feedback. x

  3. Loved this book so much also read Sharing Silver (which was also amazing). Very much looking forward to this series!

  4. Aww, yay, Jenn, thank you so much! To know that there are people out there who really read and enjoy my stories is the best feeling in the world, and what motivates me to continue. So thank you for letting me know. x

  5. Loved this book! The characters, the setting, the scenes and of course the hottness! You wrote my absolute favorite fantasy of one woman and two men who take her to the heights of bondage and delight! I also read DENIAL and see that it came out in 2018. I am dying to see the next book. Please tell me you will continue the story?