28 January 2015

Sharing Silver - Chapter One - Part 2

Here's the next installment of chapter one. Don't forget to get your copy of the Masters of the Castle box set - five full-length books by some amazing authors for one incredibly low price!


Once she had said her goodbyes to Rosa, it had taken about half an hour for Sylvia's fears to resurface. She paced the hotel room in her bare feet, wishing, not for the first time, that she still smoked. Every glance at the alarm clock confirmed that time was indeed moving—albeit agonisingly slowly.

This is all Stephen's fault, she thought furiously. If he hadn't dumped me, I'd be... I'd be... Where would she be? Still stuck in a house in the suburbs, in a marriage from which the passion had long since evaporated, with a man who had become addicted to his computer. How many hours, days, and weeks had he wasted staring at a screen, talking to women all over the world rather than with the living, breathing one who was in his house?

At first she'd been grateful for the extra time alone—time she was able to spend reading the erotic books she loved to devour late at night, where the men were strong, handsome and brooked no nonsense. But eventually the novelty had begun to wear off, and she wondered more and more why she, a young woman in her prime, was being forced to read about deliciously hot and painful encounters rather than experience them in the flesh, as it were. Any and all seduction attempts had been ignored; Stephen had waved her aside even on the occasion where she had gone to him naked, wearing nothing but his favourite perfume and a pair of high heels. She had stopped trying after that.

Sylvia cast a longing glance at the mini bar, wondering whether she ought to open another miniature bottle of something strong. Then her gaze fell on her Valium bottle. Her doctor had prescribed it to her for anxiety, but if she took more than one, it not only helped calm her racing mind, but made her fall asleep.

Sod it. She poured herself a glass of water, took two whole pills, lay down on the bed and waited for blissful oblivion. She may not be tired, but anything was better than spending the night pacing her hotel room, and she wasn't entirely sure which train of thought was worse—going back over why and how her marriage had ended, or wondering what the coming days were going to bring...

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