31 January 2015

Sharing Silver - Chapter One - Part 5

And here it is - the last part of the first chapter of Sharing Silver. If you want to know what happens next, why not head on over to Amazon or Blushing Books and get your copy of the "When the Gavel Falls" box set - FIVE full-length novels by some of the best authors in the spanking/bdsm genres for the incredibly low price of just $9.99 - available as a set for one month only! The set also includes my mini-novella, "Fulfilling Her Fantasy" as a free bonus!


The first thing Sylvia noticed when she entered her guest chamber was the enormous four poster bed, which dominated the room. Then the hooks and rings on it caught her eye, and her mouth went dry. A vivid image rose unbidden to her mind, of her, bound naked and helpless on the deep violet sheets, writhing in agony—or was it ecstasy—underneath a strong, gorgeous man. Swallowing hard, she turned her back on the bed and opened the door to the ensuite. An enormous shower, complete with spa tub, took up almost the entire space, leaving only enough room for the toilet, sink, cupboard and mirror.
She was about to go back into the bedroom when she caught sight of herself. Despite her surroundings, despite what she was about to do, she still looked the same; her hair pulled back in a ponytail, her oversized jumper hiding her curves, her cheeks still slightly flushed from the explicit image the bed had aroused in her. Any of her friends from the outside world would recognise her immediately. Rosa had.
Sylvia frowned at her reflection and tried to imagine how she would be perceived at the forthcoming auction. The people she had seen, as Rosa had led her to her room on the second floor, had been so... exotic. Bawdy, beautiful costumes, lots of skin, amazing bodies. She'd seen a couple of slave girls, a young woman in an incredibly sexy cat costume, and one or two ladies in full medieval gowns complete with corset. She herself hadn't worn a corset in ages.
"You look dowdy," she told herself sternly. For the first time since she'd found out about and signed up for it, she was struck with a different type of trepidation about the auction. What if no-one bid on her? She wasn't sure which was worse; having to spend the entire time with a troll, or spending it alone because no-one there found her attractive enough to part with their cash, even if it was for a good cause.
Pulling the sweater back so it outlined her body, Sylvia ran a critical eye over what she saw. Her waist was slim enough, but her hips were entirely too wide and round, as were her thighs. She didn't even want to think about her butt. Stephen hadn't wanted her anymore. Why should anyone else?
Closing her eyes, she turned away from the mirror before she broke down. Get a grip on yourself—you're overreacting. Of course you look dowdy right now; you got ready in a hurry this morning and besides, you spent the last two days in aeroplanes and airports. You're probably jet lagged, and you've still only had one cup of coffee. Once you've gone to that Wardrobe place and been kitted out, no doubt you'll look and feel much better, she scolded herself. Now put your big girl panties on and deal with it!
Taking a deep breath, she marched back to the bed without looking at it, and reached for the welcome pack which was still sticking out of her handbag. To her immense relief, she found a map, and saw that the Wardrobe was on the same floor as her room. With a quick glance around to ensure that her suitcase had indeed been delivered by a porter, and to her relief it had, she lifted her chin defiantly, picked up the key, and left the room. It was time for Sylvia to become Silver... 

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