22 January 2015

Spending some time in the Castle...

Over the next few days, I will be introducing you to all the authors with whom I collaborated on an exciting project: The Masters of the Castle: When The Gavel Falls...

My amazingly talented friend and creator of the Castle series, Maren Smith, has written some brilliant author interviews, which I can't wait to share with you.

But first, a little something to get you in the mood: A mini-novella, written by yours truly, this sets the scene for the Castle slave auction... Fulfilling Her Fantasy - currently available for FREE on Blushingbooks!

When Master Marshall announces the first Castle slave auction for charity at the end of the year, Wardrobe assistant Janice is intrigued. The thought of being sold to an unknown Dominant for three consecutive nights is both thrilling and terrifying. 
Janice has been spanked plenty of times before, but there's one thing she's always wanted to experience; she's just never, not in two years of working there, been brave enough to ask for it. 

The idea of auctioning off willing submissives to honor founding Master Don's memory causes a ripple of excitement throughout the resort, and everyone on staff is affected.
Winter is, after all, traditionally the quietest season of the year, and an event this unusual - and kinky - is bound to bring the guests flocking to the Castle.

Janice is conscientious enough to know that she'll be so flat out in the Wardrobe, helping the auction participants find the perfect costumes for the occasion, there's no way she'll be able to take part herself. That thought is both a relief and a disappointment. Still, unless she manages to get her increasingly disturbing fantasies about one of the resident Masters under control, she's worried she might go insane.
So when her best friend and colleague, Ellen, gives her an ultimatum, Janice must choose: Ask to play with the man who's been haunting her dreams at night, or put herself up for sale to the highest bidder. 

Can Janice find the courage to fulfill her ultimate fantasy?

This novella will be on sale at BlushingBooks and Amazon from Thursday, 22nd January, at the bargain price of just 99 cents. Get your copy today!


  1. Loved Fulfilling Her Fantasy! When will Janice's story continue. Is it in When The gavel Falls as an aside to the other stories or was the end left to the reader's imagination?

    1. Hi Pookietoes,
      so glad you enjoyed that little teaser novella and I'm sorry I left it for the readers to finish - for the time being, at least. :)
      When the Gavel Falls has five scorching hot full length novels in it but alas, none of them will tell the ending to Fulfilling Her Fantasy. Janice is far too busy during the auction, keeping everyone else looking amazing.
      There will, however, be more from both Janice AND Dominick... you'll just have to keep an eye out for more books by Maren Smith.
      Thank you for your comment, much appreciated!