17 September 2016

Book 7 of The Red Petticoat Saloon - Pearl's Possession by Lee Savino

Five husbands; one Possessed Pearl. 

When Pearl starts working as a gem at The Red Petticoat Saloon, she knows she's found the place where she belongs. After all, her husband cast her out for being too lusty of a wife. She quickly comes to enjoy her clients, especially her five constant regulars, so much so, that when one of her regulars proposes marriage, she declines. How can one man satisfy her? 

Things change when all five of her regulars come to her with a marriage proposal—live with them as a bride to five husbands. 

Can Pearl face her fear of marriage and allow herself to be claimed by not one man, but five?

Here's an excerpt...

Are you wet now?” Cash asked in a tone that warned me to tell the truth. 
“Yes,” I whispered, my cheeks staining with shame. Sitting in Cash’s lap, two men’s hands stroking up and down my legs, I was primed and ready for a long, hard fuck. 
“If I told you we were going to tie you up, and use you the way we did that first night, would that excite you?” 
My throat clogged before I could answer, but he added, “Be honest, Pearl, or I’ll turn you over my knee right now and spank you.” 
“Yes,” I croaked, and a ripple of excitement ran around the room. 
“Good girl.” 
My nipples hardened at the command in his voice. Through my thin shift, Cash could see evidence of my arousal, and nodded thoughtfully. Lifting my foot, Samson nipped at my ankle. My cunny grew slick with my juices. 
“We want you to say yes, Pearl.” 
“You’ll spend the night with us,” Cash said. He cupped my chin so he was sure of my attention. Of course, I would’ve agreed to anything at that point.
“We’ll have one last night to enjoy your body and give you pleasure. If you truly don’t want us, we’ll take you back.” His voice deepened. “Of course, we’ll know if you’re lying. And lying means you’ll be punished.”


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Happy reading!

~ Tabby x

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