13 June 2015

H is for... Helpless

One of the things I love most about this kinky little world of ours is the way the slightest, most simple nuances can shine a whole new light on any form of conversation, situation or scene.

Picture it... you're bent over and you can feel the goosebumps on your flesh, the cool whisper of air brushing your bare skin, the prickle of anticipation tingling up your spine as he raises the implement with which he's about to punish and hurt you.

And now picture the same scenario - only your wrists are tied fast and your mouth is gagged.

Doesn't that add an entirely new layer? A slight hint of danger, a little more trepidation... not to mention quite a bit more excitement - at least, if you're anything like me. 

Whereas before, you could still move, could still potentially run away (although there may be consequences for that later on), you're now powerless to resist. You can't protect yourself. Shit, you can't even call out and beg for him to stop.

He is in complete control.

You're helpless.

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~ Tabby x

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