23 June 2015

M is for... MAN!

I'd like to take a moment to share my idea of a real man. These are in no particular order, but for me, both in my books and in real life, these are the traits a real man should possess:

  • Kind: He should be kind and caring, always. In other words, he's a genuinely nice person to be around; empathetic and sympathetic to the needs of those around him.
  • Self-confident: He should know who and what he is. Not to be confused with arrogance - instead he's aware of both his strengths and weaknesses.
  • Strong: Of course, physical strength is a bonus, but I'm talking about inner strength here. He has to be strong enough to go after what he wants, to make decisions, to take care of himself. 
  • Humorous: This one is a no-brainer. I can't resist a man who can make me laugh.
  • Intelligent: He doesn't have to be an astrophysicist, but whether it's books or general knowledge, he's smart. He can teach me something I don't already know.
  • Insightful: He can read his partner's moods, he can understand why or how she's feeling a certain way.
  • Generous: I don't need a man to keep me - I make my own money. I'm talking general generosity; a man who will share his time, love... and chocolate. 
  • Kinky: This definitely wouldn't apply to everyone, but *my* perfect man is kinky as fuck. 
  • Protective: Is it just me, or is a man who looks after his family, friends and woman not irresistible?
  • Dominant: This one goes without saying. My perfect man knows what he wants; especially from me.
  • Romantic: Little notes left lying around, compliments, remembering his girl's favourite food, drink or erogenous zones... there are so many ways to be romantic.
  • Faithful: Goes without saying. Even if the relationship is an open one, he doesn't hide other women from you. 
  • Reliable: If he says he'll do something, he will do it. Nothing worse than a man you can't depend on.
  • Honest: White lies are okay. Real lies are never okay.
  • Humble: The perfect man is readily able to admit when he's made a mistake. After all, nobody's perfect!

What about you? Do you have any 'ideal man' traits I forgot? Please leave your comments below!

~ Tabby x


  1. And if you find a man with all the above traits, please see if he has a brother...for me!

    1. LOL no kidding, Rachel! Thank you for reading - and commenting! x

  2. I agree with the list, but the one I would add-- Is Affectionate. Needs to cuddle and give hugs freely. I like being touched, often. Sometimes sexy, but sometimes just grabbing my hand at the grocery store, pulling my pants down while I'm washing the dishes, grabbing my boob as I'm getting clothes out of the dryer. Little things like that keep a relationship alive :) Awesome list!