21 June 2015

K is for... Knives!

I love knives. Love them. Edge play, knife play, sharp, shiny blades... they make me squee like nothing else. Here's an excerpt to describe just what knives do to me - this is from Sharing Silver. Enjoy!

She was unable to tear her eyes away from what he was holding, what he had obviously been keeping in his belt. A shiny, ornate, glittering knife.
"Get up," Trevor said roughly. Once she had done so, he wrapped her hair around his fist and drew her close to him, bending her backwards and kissing her fiercely, on and on until her knees felt like water.
"So fucking beautiful," he whispered, his eyes boring into hers.
Silver didn't know how to respond. She wanted to tell him how devoted she was, how much she wanted to please them both, but instead she gazed at him, helplessly. She could feel the pulse beating in her throat.
"Ready for her now," Travis said, from the corner.
"We're gonna start with a little exercise in self-control," Trevor went on, still gripping her hair in the most deliciously painful way. "I like to set a girl on fire. Master Travis, on the other hand... well... you're about to find out. Go to him, Silver girl."
He released her hair then, and gave her a gentle push towards where Travis was standing beside the spanking bench. It had been realigned to resemble a table.
"Lie on your back, Silver girl," Travis said. "We're not going to restrain you. Yet."
"Like I said, self-control," Trevor added. "You have to remain completely still... can you do that?"
Almost frozen with both lust and fear, Silver nodded. "Y-yes, Master."
When Travis once more produced the knife and laid it across her throat, she felt herself gush. They must have really studied my intake form, she thought irrationally. I think I underlined 'edge play', 'knife play' and 'breath play' three times, and even drew little stars around them.
"Such pale, satiny skin," Travis was almost growling, his eyes blazing with intensity. "You'd better not move, Silver girl. I'd hate to cut you. Well," he chuckled, "unintentionally, anyway."
As he began to draw the blade across her chest, she moaned at the sharp sting. Her nipples were so hard she was sure they could cut glass.
"Does that feel good, baby?" Travis crooned, drawing lines of exquisite heat over her breasts and over her belly.
Already incapable of coherent speech, Silver moaned, her fingers gripping the sides of the table so hard that her knuckles were white.
"It's such a clever thing," he went on, "it feels like I'm slicing you open... but I promise you I'm not."
Silver wasn't too sure whether it really mattered anymore. She trusted both men implicitly, but there were certainly worse ways to go.
"And now for the test," Trevor said, and she felt his hand slide between her thighs. "I'm gonna make you come, Silver girl, and you are going to have to remain completely still throughout."
An unearthly, guttural groan echoed around the stone walls of the dungeon, and she realised it had come from her, as Trevor's fingers found her straining, throbbing bud and began to caress it, lightly.
"Don't you dare fucking move," Travis reminded her, the knife still trailing sharply across her lower belly. "I'm serious, Silver girl. If I wanted to cut you, I'd be using a scalpel and doing it properly."
A shudder threatened to overcome her, and she realised she was biting her lip, hard. "Pl-please, Master, please may I cum?" she whimpered.
"Can you do it without moving?" Trevor's fingers were insistent, ruthless, manipulating her clit with a precision she could never hope to emulate, not even herself.
I don't care if he cuts me, I need to come! "Y-yes, Master, please..." she pleaded instead. She looked down and saw the gleam of Trav's knife tracing faint scarlet lines across her pale skin and then, beyond that, Trevor's dark eyes as he watched her intently. His delicious lips moved before she heard the word.


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