22 June 2015

L is for Letters...

So far, my blog entries have all been vaguely about BDSM and all its subgenres... but for the letter L I wanted to go a different route. I could have picked 'latex', 'leather', 'lace' or even 'lust' - but instead I chose 'letters' - the kind you write, not the kind in the alphabet.

When was the last time you received - or wrote - a real letter? A handwritten one, on paper, not an email or a text message... 

I always used to love getting letters in the post... that interminable wait, the stamp, the envelope, the handwriting, the way every single one was unique and I knew it had taken time and effort to compose and send.

These days, sending 'snail mail' has become something of a forgotten art, but the beauty of letters seems merely to increase with time. Take the following example...

A love story; a tale of a man and his wife, their son and their baby daughter, born while her Daddy was away fighting during WWII.

For four long years, through trials and tribulations, the man wrote to his wife every single day. He thanked her for parcels she sent him, the cakes and biscuits she baked, the way she was raising their children, he told her how much he missed her, how much he loved her, how beautiful she was. He lied to her to protect her, to make sure she wasn't worried about him. Some letters were short, some were long; some were melancholy and others were more upbeat, but he wrote to her every single day, no matter whether he was in a field, a bunker or the barracks.

Until he was killed.

It's a tragic story, but it's also a beautiful one, and I for one am glad those letters withstood the test of time and can touch people even now, some 70 years after they were penned.

Love and hugs,

~ Tabby x 

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  1. I totally agree. My Mum died 12 years ago, but she had saved all my Dad's letters from when he was serving abroad during World War 2. My Dad reads them often and it comforts him. I too grew up in the period before emails, and I used to love receiving letters and have saved many from years gone by. Emails rarely are saved like that, and it is not the same as the excitement of receiving a letter through the post.