11 June 2015

June A-Z challenge: G is for - Belt!

I know what you're thinking: "Silly Tabby, belt doesn't begin with a 'G'!"

Well, duh. But in German it does. "Guertel". Belt. Since I'd already done 'bastinado' for 'B', I decided to take a little creative licence...

And besides, I have a 'thing' about belts; as a spanko, as a submissive and as a red-blooded girl.

I'll be honest, I was going to use 'G-spot' for the letter 'G', but then I changed my mind. Why?

Because as you've undoubtedly noticed, I've already fallen behind in this challenge, and I was told that if I hadn't finished my blog entry about the letter 'G' by the time he comes home, he'll see what he can find around the house that starts with a 'G' to punish me for it. But was that a threat or a promise?


Is there anything - anything - quite as irresistible, terrifying and seductive as the sound a man's belt makes when it's pulled from its loops? As knee-wateringly faint-making as the sight of it being folded in half; the tinkle of the buckle, the dark sheen of the leather?

And then he tells you to bend over, to prepare yourself, to bare your skin to him so he can bring that belt whistling through the air to strike your flesh until you're writhing in delicious aroused agony, desperate for him to stop and yet desperate for him not to...

For me there isn't.

And now I'd better post this, before I find myself in just that predicament. On the other hand, maybe he'll see that I was a good girl and I'll get a reward - bet you can guess just what I'd like that reward to be...

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Much love,

~ Tabby

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